Friday, November 13, 2009

We've had a busy fall. We visited Texas and California, finished football season and had a season of soccer. Becky is busy teaching third grade. Here is a soccer video.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

August, 2009

 What a month!  Becky began teaching at Andersen Elementary and I teach at LIE, Levy Institute of Education.  Actually it's just a small LIE- two students.  Davis and Kate are playing soccer and Davis is also playing football. Enjoy the video.  

Saturday, August 1, 2009

July 2009

July 2009
  We have moved from Texas to Guam.  We will be in Guam for approximately three years.  On the move we stopped over in Honolulu for twenty-six hours.  We saw Magnum P.I.'s house, and as shown in the picture we hiked to the top of Diamond Head.  8 hours in flight from Houston and 8 hours in flight to Guam- the hike was a nice break!
  We stayed in the Hilton Guam for about three weeks while our stuff was boated over.  We have made good friends, the Bruch family and the Jones family.  We are searching for a Church home and have narrowed down the search to two- Christ Bible Fellowship and Bayview Church.  They both seem like good Bible based fellowships.  "Where does God want us?", is what we keep asking ourselves.  
  For the Fourth of July we went to Polaris Point, the other picture, with the Bruch family and watched fireworks.  We've been to Ypao beach and Gun beach.  We've been to Tarza, a local water park.  The food is good on Guam, but it is expensive!  We are still getting acclimated to island life.  Becky will be teaching on the Air Force base and we aren't sure about the kid's schooling.  God will reveal in His time.  We wait patiently.